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Achieving My Natural Look

We hold the belief that everyone is born with inherent beauty, but at times, additional assistance may be needed to address specific concerns or to maintain a more youthful appearance.

The process of aging can lead to a reduction in collagen and skin elasticity, resulting in decreased facial volume, fine lines, and wrinkles.

While plastic surgery can be an option to improve or enhance particular facial features, there are several non-invasive cosmetic procedures available that can provide subtle enhancements and natural-looking outcomes without requiring surgery.

The goal is to achieve a balanced, refreshed appearance that is proportionate and still looks like the individual. Over-correction of any specific facial feature is avoided to achieve a natural-looking end result.

One example of a non-invasive cosmetic procedure is the combination of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which can be utilized for overall facial rejuvenation.

Professional use of these two types of products together can create a harmonious, refreshed effect.

You can communicate your concerns and goals with your doctor, who can then tailor an individualized plan specifically for you.

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Dr Manal Youssef 


Dr Manal Youssef is a fully registered and qualified female general medical practitioner in Melbourne, Victoria .

Dr Manal is a well-respected and highly trained in non-surgical Cosmetic procedures. 

For many years years Dr Manal has dedicated her work to understanding women’s health as well as non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This includes anti- ageing treatment: anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers and Liquid Gold Therapy injections . Dr Manal also provides chemical peels , skin needling, mesotherapy and thread lifts

Dr Manal is a member of Australasian College of Phlebology and trained in sclerotherapy injections for varicose and spider veins

With many years of experience in management of different skin and hair conditions, Dr Manal can assist with skin cancer diagnosis and surgical excisions, ,family planning, shared care, implanon and IUD insertion and removals.procedures, 


  • MBChB Tanta university, EGYPT, November 1993.
  • AMC exam (MCQ) on 20th May 2006 (pass with a high rank).
  • AMC exam (Clinical) on 10th Nov 2007 (pass 14/16) under certificate number 6342.
  • Diploma of paediatric medicine (Oct. 2002).
  • FRACGP (16/12/2009)
  • Certificate of compilation for Anti-Wrinkle & filler from Allergan & Gladerma.
  • Member of AAAM.
  • AAAM Diploma in cosmetic medecine 2016.
  • Member of the Australian college of Phelpology
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  • AAAM courses for Anti-Wrinkle, dermal Fillers and Liquid gold injections 2015.
  • Cosmetic training course by Allergan and Gladerma , Mondeal ,Merz and Croma Aesthetic companies since 2014. for anti-Wrinkles & dermal fillers injections with ongoing onsite training.
  • Clinical course (RACGP) from 25/08 to 25/10/2006.
  • Trained in Egypt, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine USA , Singapore and Australia.
  • Communication skills course. 
  • Marketing & management courses in American University (from 2/2001 to 8/2002). 
  • Variable short courses in management of patients with chronic conditions as diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma and hypertension, which were part of continuous medical training program of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate for general practitioners and similar courses funded by the different pharmaceutical companies. 
  • Implanon training on 17/09/07. 
  • Mole scan course on 14-15/06/08. 
  • Skin surgery course on 2009. 
  • AAAM Varicose vein Injection course. 
  • ACP Training for Sclerotherapy course. 

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