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 What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition that includes the unconscious grinding, gnashing or clenching of the teeth when awake and asleep.

This grinding can cause fracturing, loosening or lose of teeth and can cause migraines, tension headaches, and jaw pain. Also can cause temporomandibular joints (TMJs) which occurs just in front of a persons ears, which causes a clicking sound when the mouth is opened and closed. 


Causes of Bruxism may be due to a combination of physical, psychological and genetic factors.


There are two categories of Bruxism;

-Awake Bruxism which can be caused by emotional responses such as; stress, anxiety, anger, frustration or tensions and can also be a coping strategy or habit during concentration.

-Sleep Bruxism which may be related to sleep chewing activity associated with signals from the brain during sleep.  


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How can we treat Bruxism?

Bruxism can be treated with the use of anti-wrinkle injections.

The active ingredient of anti-wrinkle injections is a natural, purified protein. 

The treatment is a non-surgical procedure during which a small amount of anti-wrinkle injection is administered into specific muscle the chewing muscles in the cheek can block the signals that tell the muscles to contract, relieving the grinding and clenching. 


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