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  • Used for over 20 years.
  • Small injections using a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino.
  • Reliable procedures with minimal discomfort.
  • Skin rejuvenation. 


What is Mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the delivery of a cocktail of compounds into the skin by injecting a series of small amounts of mesotherapy solutions. 


Mesotherapy treatments have been evaluated in clinical studies and are widely performed in Europe and America for decades.

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Mesotherapy Treatment Areas


Areas of the body that can be treated with mesotherapy include love handles, tummy, saddle bags, bra bulge, inner thigh bulge, buttocks, knee pads, double chin, face, neck, arms, back, hands and waist. Before mesotherapy treatment, patients are assessed by the doctor to determine suitability for the treatment.


Mesotherapy is not recommended in pregnancy, patients who are on blood thinners, insulin dependent diabetics, patients with cancer or in remission, patients with AIDS, patients with coronary artery disease or heart dysfunction, people with arrhythmias, history of blood clots or strokes, patients with autoimmune diseases or organ transplant recipients and patients with skin conditions including herpes and psoriasis.

Mesotherapy solutions injected during treatment may comprise nutritional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The compounds injected during mesotherapy may also include medications, local anaesthetics, enzymes, lipolytics, fat dissolve, and cosmetic ingredients, etc.


Mesotherapy injections are generally performed with local anaesthetics as they will slow down the absorption of the injected ingredients and allow them to diffuse deeper and in higher concentration to the desired site of action in the treated area. 

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Mesotherapy may be used for facial rejuvenation to: 


  • Fight wrinkles.
  • Smooth fine lines and soften wrinkles.
  • Reduce blemishes, acne and scarring.
  • Restore radiance and skin glow .


Active ingredients used in facial rejuvenation meso-cocktails include:

  • Vitamins, mineral salts and other essential nutrients which stimulate and maintain the cellular activities to promote the production of collagen and elastin to improve skin tone, elasticity and texture.
  • Antioxidants which protect against free radicals and reduce sun damage.
  • Microcirculation regulators to improve blood flow to the skin to combat lack of oxygen supply resulting from pollution, smoking and/or hormonal problems to restore the natural glow of the skin.

dermal fillers is indicated in the treatment of aged and dehydrated skin. It restores volume and moisture content of the skin thereby resulting in a smoother, softer and firmer skin and decreases fine lines and wrinkles.


When used for rejuvenation of the face, the injected cocktail of essential beauty ingredients nourishes the skin to restore and maintain the radiant, youthful and ‘glowing’ appearance of the skin.


Another common concern of many men and women are pockets of fat in areas of their body that do not disappear regardless of the amount of exercise or change in diet. 


Liposuction is a surgical procedure for fat removal, but it carries with it significant risk and requires time off work and other activities of daily living.


One form of mesotherapy administered into the subcutaneous fat offers a considerably non-invasive alternative to liposuction for fat reduction by targeting pockets of fat and cellulite.


For Fat Dissolve treatment, tiny injections of a cocktail of natural ingredients are administered directly into the fatty tissue. 


In Fat Dissolve therapy, the key active ingredient is phosphatidylcholine which is present in the injections in a much greater concentration.  


Phosphatidylcholine causes cell walls to burst and then dissolve. Fat is released from within the cells and destroyed by the body.

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What does Mesotherapy Treatment Involve?


If the condition being treated is wrinkles, the mesotherapy treatment plan may involve an initial series of 2 to 6 treatments scheduled 1 to 2 weeks apart based on the condition of the skin.


Immediate visible results can usually be seen but to speed up the process of restoring youthful glow, combination treatment with a glycolic acid peel is recommended.


The speed of results depends on the area being treated and the extent of the problem. For example, cellulite and fat removal treatment should show visible improvement after 2 to 4 treatments but may require up to 10 sessions to achieve the desired results.


Your doctor will give a professional evaluation and provide an estimate on how many treatment sessions will be required to get rid of the fat storage you have on your body.


The majority of patients experience minimal discomfort. To minimise pain during injection, a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied 45 minutes before the procedure. Ice can also be applied before and after the procedure if necessary.

Safety of Mesotherapy


Older skin rejuvenation techniques that have been employed may have considerable downtime as they cause the outer skin layer to be affected in order to reach the dermal layer below. 


Mesotherapy injection technique directly delivers active ingredients without causing damage to the outer skin layer.Generally, mesotherapy and Fat Dissolve therapy are helpful with minimal bruising and pain and no down time. Compared with liposuction, mesotherapy treatment has low potential for complications, no deaths, strokes or heart attacks. The only major concerns associated with mesotherapy are simple bruising and liver toxicity.

Post-treatment Guide


There is relatively no down time or recovery time for this procedure. You may resume regular activities immediately after treatment.


Once the skin is rejuvenated and a youthful appearance is restored, maintenance treatments every 2 to 9 months are recommended to preserve the results.Loose clothing is recommended to be worn after Fat Dissolve treatment.


The results of Fat Dissolve therapy although long-lasting will fade with time. Cellulite eliminated must be maintained with diet. For results gained from localized fat removal, weight maintenance is required. A regular exercise regime, including cardio and resistance training and a healthy diet consisting of lean protein and low GI carbohydrates will assist in maintaining the results.


Fat Dissolve maintenance treatment approximately 1 session a month may also be recommended by your doctor.


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