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V2 Injections

What is the V2 Injector? 

V2 Injector is a non-invasive intradermal Aqua Lifting Automatic Injector using a syringe. It maximises the treatment effect and shortens the procedure time by adopting 5 or 9 multi-needles simultaneously. It also has a disposable filter system which offers safer treatments in a hygienic environment.


The V2 Injector is ideal for ‘whole of face’ treatments like the Teosyal Beauty Booster treatment.


Your skin is starting to change? Would you like to keep it replenished, hydrated and beautiful for longer? Protect and stimulate it with Redensity. 

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How does it work?

Hyaluronic acid (HA), which is naturally present in our body, performs a fundamental role in keeping the skin in good health. This essential element of the dermis retains water like a sponge so as to maintain its hydration.  


The main reasons for the ageing of the skin include excess of oxidants and progressive loss of intrinsic HA.


With age, we can lose up to 2/3 of our hyaluronic acid pool. At 35 years of age the skin’s thickness has decreased on average by about 22%.

As it gets thinner, the skin becomes more fragile, dehydrates and its elasticity diminishes. 

An Alternative for Prevention 

The hyaluronic acid injections are designed to prevent premature ageing of our skin and to boost the radiance of our face. 


A Compensation for the Skin 


The hyaluronic acid injections compensate the natural loss of this substance and stimulate the auto-production of collagen to help: 

-Smooth out wrinkles 

-Enhance skin glow 

-Restore volume 


The efficacy of injectable hyaluronic acid enables us to push ever forward into the future the need for anti-ageing surgery.

Holding back the appearance of the first wrinkles.



A Unique and Patent Formula

A high concentration of natural and free hyaluronic acid + a combination of anti-oxidants, amino acids, mineralsand vitamin, all of which are naturally present in our skin.  


Smoothing out a mature skin Is your skin more creased and thinner than before? Would you like to extend and perfect the filling effect? Hydrate and redensify your skin with Redensity.

When & Where it should be used

For your personal protocol, ask your practitioner who will recommend the most optimal treatment for your needs.


− Regularly as core treatment to prevent cutaneous ageing 

− In alternation with or as a complement to other treatments 

− On specific chosen occasions to rehydrate and give a new glow to your skin (for example, before/after prolonged sun exposure…) 


For an optimal result, it is recommended to follow the complete protocol to extend the effects of the treatment and obtain long-lasting results: 

− for an optimum treatment: 3 sessions at 3-week intervals for immediate and cumulative results 

− for a maintenance treatment of the results, as soon as the need is felt: 1 session usually 3 times a year  

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